Christopher Boughton Fox Photography

Welcome to Christopher Boughton Fox Photography, I have an appreciation for Photography and want to showcase fantastic work from around the internet to inspire others in their own Photography.

Throughout Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk there are many places to have your photography showcased such as The Eastern Daily Press (EDP), Evening News or even The East Anglian Daily Times (EADT) or even the BBC.

Another popular publication that showcases some fantastic photography is The Norfolk Magazine. They also have various works from merchandising, fashion, business, and landscape. All very much works of art in themselves.

You can start your journey in Photography from just simple snap shots until you’ve gained the experience you need to be confident enough to tackle businesses, or even start your own business.

Another great resource for inspiration is a website called Unsplash, I highly recommend visiting their website too. It could give you that extra nudge you need to pursue your dreams.

Who knows, even you may become a freelance photographer with your own business, travelling to far away exotic locations across the world. Now who wouldn’t enjoy that as a career!

The photography displayed is broken into these 8 main categories; Landscape, Lifestyle, Travel, Fashion, Business, ArchitecturePeople and Wildlife. As a disclaimer, Christopher Boughton Fox Photography does not own the copyright of any of the images displayed throughout this website, it is merely a showcase of others work as an appreciation of Photography. I do not wish to commit fraud in others thinking these are my images, all copyright is with the original photographers.